About us

In 2017, Unilabs made the decision to translate the passion & attitude of our employees into something that can help stand out even more. The result was our Mission, Motto and Mantra (MMM):

CARE BIG reminds us that our ultimate goal is not simply processing samples, but finding answers that help improve people’s lives.


Our Mission:

To be at the heart and start of
all effective treatment decisions


Our Motto:

We give you answers that
help give care


Our Mantra:


In a digital world of noise and fake news, our stakeholders have many questions on their medical conditions. Most of the time it’s difficult to find reliable sources. That’s why we’ve created the CARE BIG platform/blog, an ecosystem of trustable content that aims to accompany both patients and caregivers during the whole patient path.

In this blog, you’ll find information about pathologies, diagnostic techniques and health recommendations. Furthermore, we give voice to testimonials, inform about medical research and facilitate support resources.

To know more about us, you can have a look at Our Care Big Stories, where you’ll discover how Unilabs works, as well as, some peculiarities and curious facts