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06 May 2024

Advancing Healthcare Through Collaborative Patient Care: Unilabs Impactful Partnerships

In healthcare, collaboration is crucial to drive innovation and improve patient care. That's why, at Unilabs, we team up with reputable institutions worldwide. Take our partnership with Clínica Good Hope in Peru, for instance. We've been working together for nine years, delivering high-quality care across various domains, including laboratory in vitro diagnostics (IVD), pathology, and imaging services.

Elevating Diagnostic Capabilities at Clínica Good Hope: The Central Role of Unilabs Pathology

At the heart of our collaboration with Clínica Good Hope lies our commitment to delivering precise and timely pathological diagnoses. Thanks to our advanced technology in digital pathology and a highly qualified team of subspecialists, we have set a new standard in diagnostic accuracy and efficiency of turnaround time (TAT).

With a wide range of tests conducted in sections such as histology, cytology, molecular biology, and immunohistochemistry, we highlight our ability to cover a variety of diagnostic needs. In 2023, the histology and cytology sections represented the highest volume of tests, demonstrating our capability to handle significant demands with utmost efficacy.

Our KPIs for January 2024 speak for themselves: we have maintained an average turnaround time of 3.83 days for surgical services and achieved a 98.94% compliance in turnaround times for cytological services. Additionally, the rate of case re-evaluations after result release remains below 2%, underscoring the accuracy of our initial diagnoses.

“At Unilabs, we strive not only to offer a wide range of specialised pathological tests; our mission is to transcend conventional expectations,” said Diana Casado, Lab Operations Manager (Path – Core Lab). “This collaborative approach ensures that patients at Clínica Good Hope receive the most accurate and timely reports, significantly improving treatment decisions and outcomes.”

Our partnership with Clínica Good Hope reflects our steadfast dedication to excellence in patient care through cutting-edge pathological diagnostics. By integrating subspecialties, implementing real-time tracking, and automating processes, Unilabs not only elevates the diagnostic capabilities of Clínica Good Hope but also sets a new standard of care in pathology.

Imaging services

In radiology services, Clínica Good Hope relies on Unilabs for interpreting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams, complemented by additional support for computed tomography (CT) scans. This collaborative approach guarantees seamless access to essential diagnostic imaging services, thereby minimising delays in patient care and treatment.

We also provide backup for tomography and MRI services if Clínica Good Hope experiences shortages or equipment breakdowns. 


“Between January and February, we performed around 70,000 laboratory tests, with preoperative and routine tests (blood count, creatinine, glucose, urine test and microbiological tests) being the most requested,” said Moises Rojas, Medical Director – Lab IVD.

What doctors and patients value most is receiving reliable, accurate, and timely diagnostic support.

Improving patient experience 

At the core of our partnership lies our dedication to patient wellbeing, particularly in ensuring a comprehensive smooth patient experience. Thanks to Unilabs Kids Programme, Clínica Good Hope addresses the unique needs of paediatric patients by providing virtual reality glasses equipped with specially designed interactive games. This pioneering approach alleviates anxiety and discomfort among children undergoing diagnostic procedures, fostering a more positive healthcare experience. The service is exclusive for Clínica Good Hope patients.

Towards a healthier tomorrow

Looking ahead, the collaboration between Unilabs and Clínica Good Hope is poised to continue shaping the healthcare landscape in Peru. Plans to expand access to Unilabs' sites for laboratory sample collection and imaging tests underscore our shared commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for patients across the region.

“The benefits of our shared expertise and resources extend beyond operational efficiencies. By merging specialised knowledge and infrastructure, patient care has markedly improved, facilitating quicker diagnoses and more effective treatment strategies,” said Dr Rojas. “Our collaboration speaks volumes about our shared commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare delivery to the Peruvian population.”

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