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Unilabs Covid-19 Protect Programmes

To identify the best screening approach for your company, please contact covid.testing@unilabs.com.

Unilabs Protect™ offers a range of COVID-19 programmes that answer your business’ needs.


Our core range of programmes is designed to satisfy the testing requirements of companies of all sizes and risk levels. If your business has unique needs, Unilabs can discuss your circumstances and adapt the best testing solution from this range.

Here’s some examples of how the Unilabs Protect™ Programmes can suit organisations of all sizes, locations and needs:

Our Passenger Screening Program with the United Arab Emirates allows airline passengers, flying to the UAE to provide the required proof that they are COVID-19 free. Travellers contact our customer service teams and book an appointment at a convenient location and time. We receive costumers during working hours at over 70 ‘Unilabs Covid collection units’ strategically located in big European cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Geneva, Zürich and Amsterdam.

We guarantee logistics between our 70+ collection units to our accredited labs throughout Europe. Our TAT is 48 hours from the moment of collection. This allows all travellers to plan their travels safely.

A globally-known Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate has entrusted their headquarters employees’ COVID-19 monitoring and testing to Unilabs. Multiple mobile units, accompanied by our certified nurses are present at the company on a regular schedule. Our accredited laboratory network in Switzerland backs these allocated mobile units.

For the Portuguese Liga to reopen in June, Unilabs rolled-out a huge-scale ongoing Programme in two waves. Comprehensive testing of all involved parties was vital. 13,000 tests were processed for pre-trainings, 72 hours and then 24 hours before every single game. All results were anonymized, with reports sent to each Football club Medical Department, League Association & and Healthcare State Agency.

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