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26 July 2021

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Leading the field in diagnostics for over 30 years has required us to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our customers. At Unilabs, we pride ourselves on being a lean organisation where everybody – whatever their seniority – rolls up their sleeves to get things done. 

Our #CareBig culture means we focus on the needs of customers. They are at the centre of what we do, and they depend upon us to make good decisions. #CareBig reminds us that our ultimate goal is not processing samples, but improving people’s lives. 

During this pandemic, we had many occasions to put ourselves to the test, and our Spanish organisation is a prime example. 

“The way the team responded to the challenge was amazing. All of a sudden, our labs had to face a new threat: Covid-19. Spain was among the worst-affected countries during the first wave. Normal operations were disrupted, but in 3 weeks we were processing more than 700 PCR tests a day,” said Rainiero Holgado, Unilabs Spain General Manager. 

The team has moved from setting up the Covid-19 operations in record time to meeting new needs as the situation changes. 

“In less than two months, we set up an e-commerce platform where our clients can book their tests. We have also adapted our PCR offering and we now offer saliva tests and a premium option that allows our clients to have the results in less than two hours.” 

Innovation is also important for the team. In April, they closed a partnership to launch a digital solution that allows event organisers to safely increase the number of attendees. 

“We are happy to support culture and contribute to a return to normality. This particular innovation was a pioneering initiative in Spain and the rest of Europe.” 

And now, with the summer holidays coming up, the team is evolving again. 

“Tourism is one of the biggest sectors of our country, so we are helping as much as we can. Not only do we benefit from the global agreement signed by the Unilabs Group and IATA to incorporate our labs into their Travel Pass, we have also signed agreements with airlines as well as with a guild representing over 360 Spanish travel agencies. Another exciting project we are participating in is the PCR test operation for foreign tourists in Mallorca and Ibiza. Everyone can come to enjoy our country in total safety.” 

With the vaccination programme progressing at full speed, Unilabs Spain is also offering services to detect the immunity level of the vaccinated population. 

“As well as our serology test to detect the level of antibodies generated after the vaccine; we are offering T-Lymphocyte testing for those who don’t present any. This test allows us to know if the person is protected against the virus – because it detects memory T cells that stick around longer than antibodies.” 

And for those patients who are worried about the side effects of the vaccines, the company offers coagulation tests. 

“Over the last weeks, we are seeing an increase in the demand for coagulation tests. We believe some people are worried at the news of blood clots, so we are happy to offer some peace of mind to our clients. 

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