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14 December 2020

Five tips to fight the festive flab

Even though Christmas is a bit unusual this year due to Covid-19, it’s safe to say that most of us will be embarking on an eating and drinking marathon over the festive period.

But how to stay slim and healthy? Do yourself a favour by following these five easy tips.


1. Stick to the schedule

We know it’s tough to resist the temptation to nibble all day long when the house is full of lovely things – but stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner. And stay out of the kitchen!

2. Pace yourself

Traditions are full of wisdom. There’s a reason we have several days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Use them to stay frugal. Say “yes” to soups, winter salads, and roasted vegetables. Say “maybe just a bit” to fat, sugar and alcohol. Your body needs to recover.

3. Easy with the bubbles

Alcohol is an excellent way of consuming empty calories and it makes you crave more. Go easy on the booze. Try to stick to just one glass. Save it for the toasts. We promise that water won’t hurt you.

4. Shake your body

Take a brisk walk through the woods, dunes, or fields. Alone or with others. Put on your running shoes or rollerblades or get on your bike. And if it’s too cold outside, hit the dance floor!

5. Practice mindful eating

Take your time. Enjoy your food. Pause to smell it. Savour it. This will send signals to your brain, which will tell you to stop eating.


Author: Maaike de Vries, PhD, health scientist.

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