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24 October 2023

Unilabs Innovates Patient Diagnostics with Annalise.ai Solution for Prompt Detection of Critical Brain Cases

Geneva, 24 October 2023: Unilabs, a leading international provider of diagnostic services, has announced a strategic partnership with the global radiology AI provider Annalise.ai. This pioneering collaboration combines teleradiology expertise with cutting-edge AI technology that can swiftly detect critical brain cases and expedite diagnostics and treatment.

Annalise Enterprise CTB (Computed Tomography Brain) – an advanced decision-support solution tailored for non-contrast CTB studies– can identify 130 different radiology findings and equips clinicians with real-time and precise decision-making capabilities. The solution is CE Marked as class IIb under the EU Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR).

"In Emergency Radiology, time is of the essence, and our radiologists now benefit from comprehensive AI-based analysis in under two minutes. This tool enables swift detection and prioritisation of critical cases, directly enhancing the care for our patients. Our ongoing investments in cutting-edge innovations underscore our commitment to diagnostic excellence. With its broad coverage of various brain pathologies, this tool promises a significant impact on both patients and radiologists," said Unilabs' Head of Strategic Business Unit Radiology, Baber Qazi. "While our highly qualified radiologists continue to read each exam, this solution acts as a second pair of sensitive eyes, highlighting detected pathologies and indicating certainty or uncertainty in interpretation—mirroring real-world scenarios."

Annalise Enterprise CTB quickly identifies  potential findings, flagging scans with suspected brain pathology. Radiologists then review the AI-generated insights in conjunction with the original images, ensuring the utmost accuracy and timeliness in their reporting.

Lakshmi Gudapakkam, CEO of Annalise.ai, underscored the impact of this partnership, stating, "We're thrilled about collaborating with a world-renowned leader dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology. By integrating teleradiology and AI, radiologists can optimise workflows, evaluate scans with very high accuracy and reduce turn-around times for their patients even more. By adopting advanced and comprehensive technology for Acute and Trauma care, Unilabs has solidified its position in this segment."

“The collaboration between Unilabs and Annalise.ai exemplifies our unwavering dedication to elevating diagnostic excellence, driving patient care to new heights, and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of medical diagnostics,” added Qazi.


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