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Supplier Contact and Information Centre

At Unilabs, we believe that building strong relationships with our suppliers is key to successful procurement. We are committed to ethical business practices and professionalism, and we expect the same from our suppliers.

Transforming Supplier Collaboration: Unilabs' Digitalization Journey 

To enhance collaboration with our valued suppliers and drive efficiency in our operations, Unilabs is embarking on a transformative digitalization journey. As part of this initiative, we are introducing a cutting-edge eProcurement tool known as 'Coupa'. This digital solution serves as a cornerstone in our efforts to modernize and streamline our operational processes. 

Through Coupa, we provide suppliers with a comprehensive platform that ensures a seamless experience from initial engagement through contract management. This initiative is a pivotal step in our digitalization journey, designed to enhance transparency and efficiency throughout the procurement lifecycle. 

The eSourcing tool facilitates electronic bid submissions, bid status tracking, and quick notifications about sourcing event outcomes, significantly reducing response times and expediting decision-making processes. 

Moreover, by conducting supplier onboarding through Coupa, we aim to streamline operations and provide enhanced visibility into our processes. Coupa's intuitive interface simplifies the supplier onboarding process, reducing administrative burdens and accelerating the entire process. 

Additionally, Coupa's contract management capabilities empower suppliers to efficiently manage their contracts with Unilabs, offering easy access to contract terms, renewal dates, and performance metrics. This not only enhances supplier satisfaction but also fosters stronger, more collaborative partnerships between suppliers and Unilabs. 

These digitalization efforts are currently live for suppliers conducting business with our operations in Sweden and our Headquarters in Switzerland. We are excited to announce that we'll soon be rolling out these capabilities to other Unilabs countries, further extending the benefits of our digitalization journey to our global network of suppliers. With Coupa, suppliers gain access to a unified platform for Sourcing, Supplier Onboarding, and Contract Management, enabling streamlined interactions and fostering enhanced partnerships with Unilabs. 


The Procurement Process 

At Unilabs, we adhere to a well-documented procurement process to guarantee the highest level of service to both our internal stakeholders and the vendors we collaborate with. 

The following diagram illustrates a condensed overview of our procurement process.


Unilabs Suppliers Procurement Process


Unsourced Need: When a requirement for goods or services arises within Unilabs not met by existing contracts or vendors, it initiates the procurement process. 

Sourcing Event: A sourcing event is initiated at Unilabs as we identify potential suppliers and invite them to submit proposals or bids to fulfill the identified need. This helps in selecting the most suitable supplier(s) through a competitive and transparent process. Potential vendors are asked to agree to our Code of Conduct and might be requested to sign an NDA before submitting any bid. The internal team at Unilabs reviews all proposals and makes a formal decision. 

Supplier Onboarding: Once a supplier is selected, they go through the onboarding process, which involves providing necessary documentation, setting up accounts, and establishing communication channels to facilitate future transactions. 

Contracting: Contracting involves negotiating and finalizing the terms and conditions of the agreement between Unilabs and the selected supplier(s). This step formalizes the relationship and ensures clarity on responsibilities, pricing, delivery terms, etc. 

Purchase Order: After the contract is signed, a purchase order is issued and sent by email to the supplier specifying the details of the goods or services ordered, quantities, prices, delivery dates, and any other relevant terms.  

Following this step, further processes such as invoice management and payment are seamlessly integrated and managed by our Finance team to ensure timely and efficient transactions. 


Our Commitment to Ethical Business:

Unilabs upholds high ethical standards in all our business relationships. We ask our suppliers to share these values by operating with integrity, transparency, and compliance with our Third Party Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions. These guidelines cover fair business practices, respect for human rights, environmental responsibility, and more. When suppliers partner with us, they show their commitment to these values, building trust and collaboration in our mutual efforts. Together, we aim for excellence in every aspect of our partnership, creating an ethical business environment. 



Supplier Resources and Guides 

Here, you can find our user guides detailing how to join Coupa‚Äôs Supplier Portal and participate in a Sourcing Event. This section will continuously be updated with valuable resources aimed at enhancing your utilization of our platform. 

Supplier Sourcing Event Guide

Supplier Join CSP


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