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  • The haematology team in CH-CoE received a sample from a renowned clinic in Zurich.
  • Unlocking better care in Sweden's prison system.
  • Late at night, we had a maintenance window for our servers in Sweden. As usual, IT services were brought down and manual routines were deployed. The service window was expected to last a maximum of four hours.
  • To convince our owners and banks to finance a potential acquisition, it was necessary to provide a 5-year plan and to conduct a due diligence assessment on both Unilabs and the business that was up for sale.
  • Unilabs always doctors. And doctors always need a safe place to work and live.
  • One early February morning, the fire alarm went off at the Unilabs laboratory in Eskilstuna. As part of a big hospital, this is known to happen every now and then, either by mistake or for training purposes. So no-one took much notice at the beginning.
  • One Saturday evening, a radiographer was working at the MRI lab in a Unilabs radiology institute in Hamar, a small Norwegian town. There were no other radiographers or radiologists at work – she was all on her own.
  • Our employees at Customer Service Radiology went to work every day, entering an office that felt like a refrigerator.
  • Unilabs Mammography in Sweden wanted to be more available in providing vital screening services to women.
  • A couple who were being followed by the Reproductive Biology Department at Unilabs Eylau found out they were expecting after in-vitro fertilisation.
  • The lab in Copenhagen cleared out some (very!) old equipment in efforts to free up space for new systems.

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